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Immigrants Sentenced to Learn English, Deported Instead

Last month a state judge ordered three Spanish-speaking immigrants to learn English — or go to jail. Well, even promises to be bilingual couldn't keep these convicts in the US. Immigration and Custom Enforcement has decided to deport the men back to the Dominican Republic.

The convicts came to the US legally, but because they were convicted of armed robbery and assault, their time here is up.

The men won't get a chance to serve their creative sentence — the judge had told them they could remain on parole, so long as they passed an English reading and writing test in a year's time. If they failed, they would go to jail for 24 months. At the sentencing the judge asked them: "Do you think we are going to supply you with a translator all of your life?"

How do you feel about the original sentence? Even though the US doesn't have an official language, do you think the judge was considering the immigrants' best interest, as well as society's, when he ordered them to learn English?


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