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Implanon Birth Control: Doesn't Sound Like Much Fun

Implanon Birth Control: Doesn't Sound Like Much Fun

Have you heard about Implanon? It's an implantable hormonal contraceptive (a flexible plastic rod about the size of a matchstick) that contains a hormone called etonogestrel (it's estrogen-free), and was approved in July 2006 by the U.S. FDA.

It's 99% effective at protecting you against pregnancy when inserted correctly, and it lasts for up to 3 years. This type of birth control is definitely for someone who is not thinking about starting a family anytime soon, or for someone who's already had kids and doesn't want to have anymore.

How does it work? Implanon is inserted through a needle into the skin of your upper arm by a doctor. The hormones are released slowly into the body which prevents you from ovulating. It must be removed, with a tiny incision, after 3 years. As soon as it's removed, you're fertile again!

What are the DISADVANTAGES? To find out

  • Warmth, redness, swelling, itching, pain, or oozing might occur where the implant was inserted or removed.
  • If Implanon is not placed properly, it may not prevent pregnancy or it may be difficult or impossible to remove. You may need special tests to check that Implanon is in place or to help find it when it's time to take it out.
  • Thick scar tissue can form around the insert, making it difficult to remove. You may also get a scar on your skin when Implanon is inserted or removed.
  • You can expect irregular or unpredictable bleeding the entire time you are using Implanon.
  • Many women complain of mood swings, depression, weight gain, acne, breast pain, stomach pain, swelling in your ankles or feet, headaches, and nausea when on Implanon. Severe pain or cramping in your pelvic area might also occur.
  • Certain medicines may make Implanon less effective and you may need to use a back-up non-hormonal birth control to prevent pregnancy.
  • This implant does NOT protect you against STIs such as HIV.
  • Sudden weakness or numbness can occur on your body.
  • If you're the 1% that does get pregnant when using Implanon, you have a higher risk of having an Ectopic pregnancy.

Okay, well I think you've heard enough. Implanon sounds like one seriously risky form of birth control if you ask me. Has anyone out there had luck with it? If so, please share below!


pink-pirate pink-pirate 7 years
I'm very disappointed with this post TresSugar. It's completely sensationalistic. I am 26 and will be getting Implanon in the next few weeks. I have been researching it for months and have spoken to two different doctors about it. I am in the UK so all birth control is free on the NHS and they are very open in sharing all information. Firstly they prescribed me a BC pill (Marvelon) that is very similar to the hormone used in Implanon. I've been on it for 3 months now. This was to test whether this type of hormone is suitable for me. I missed one period completely and then I have had two shorter ones. I feel better than I did on my previous pill (Loestrin). I then went back to further discuss and the doctor had a little tester from the Implanon manufacturer. It is a piece of plastic that feels like the skin on your arm. I felt the implant inside and she also gave me one to hold. They are TINY!!! She also showed me Mirena which is also tiny but has a bunch of scary looking wires coming out of the bottom. Anyway long story short - I haven't tried it yet but if I had listened to this post instead of speaking to medical professionals, I would be very misniformed. This is the most lopsided and biased post I have seen on this site. At the end of the day every woman's body is different. I have had horrible mood swings on one brand of Pill and been very happy on a different one. Everyone should assess their own needs before choosing a method, and if it doesn't work, then change! But I would have hoped Tres could provide some basic information rather than propaganda.
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