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Improv Everywhere Stages a Food Court Musical

The Food Court Musical

Improv Everywhere is known for busting out comedic performances in unlikely locations, so they staged a musical — in a shopping mall food court. It all started with the Hot Dog on a Stick girl crying over spilled lemonade and ended with the whole food court triumphantly singing about napkin shortage. Hungry patrons, clueless that the joke was on them, didn't know whether to laugh or cry. If you ask me, all they had to do was buy a corn dog from the crying chick and tell her to shove it. But that would have made this a lot less funny.

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katmeowmeow katmeowmeow 9 years
This is awesome. I wish people would spontaneously break into a musical when I go places! lol
ychromosome ychromosome 9 years
ya man (or should I say ladies)...this is great stuff. song is ok but man this is a wonderful idea because I think it causes people to actually have EMOTIONS instead of the regular zombie life we sometime let ourselves live. improv everywhere is doing something right.
k-squared k-squared 9 years
amazing. i wish this would happen whenever I went to the mall, haha.
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