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Inauguration Week: Oprah Goes to Washington!

Oprah Winfrey plans to go to Washington, DC for the inauguration of Barack Obama, and she's bringing her audience, which is spread out across places like Saudi Arabia and another 140 countries!

During inauguration week Oprah will tape her show at the Kennedy Center's Opera House, also the location of Oprah's rumored star-studded inauguration night party. I guess we can start calling it the Kennedy Center's Oprah House.

Since Oprah really, really wanted Obama to win, you know she'll throw a celebratory bash to remember! Are you one of the 1.5 million people that plan on being in DC with Oprah for the inauguration?


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NouraBee NouraBee 8 years
lorenashley lorenashley 8 years
this is actually pretty awesome. go O! :love:
liliblu liliblu 8 years
runningesq, I've seen prices between $2,500-$5,000 so far, depending on location and number of bedrooms.
Lovestory Lovestory 8 years
That party is going to be the hottest ticket in the world. If you get an invite to Oprah's party... You must be at the top of the A-list.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
" of these days we'll look up and Oprah will be more powerful then the president" scary that it COULD happen! LOL!
Roarman Roarman 8 years
Oprah could afford to sponsor 5 inaugurations. I heard on NPR I think that one hotel is offereing a presidential package that costs like $250K a night or something ridiculous. I will watch from the comfort of my own couch.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Agreed, Steph. Unless, like LaurenG22 said, she sponsors it--hell, she could afford to ;)
stephley stephley 8 years
I wish Oprah would lay low during the Inauguration - it's about Obama and the nation, not her.
runningesq runningesq 8 years
Not going but thinking of renting out my house in Baltimore for the inaugaration... have you heard what people are paying to get a room anywhere NEAR DC?!
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 8 years
For reals Lauren of these days we'll look up and Oprah will be more powerful then the president.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
Oprah should sponsor this inaugaration :ROTFL:
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Ogras going to washington....yay? who cares.
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
Glad I can help!
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
they have DVD'S???? Why didn't you come into my life sooner? LOL...I going into netflix as we speak!
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
I know, its amazing! I wish they would do another special or season. I have all the seasons on DVD and watch it regularly.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
I wish! I'll be watching Oprah! mydiadem I love your avi! I used ot watch that show all the time when they would give it on oxygen years ago!
mydiadem mydiadem 8 years
I love Oprah :)
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