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Dear Sugar
I was in my first serious relationship for 2 1/2 years and we broke up five months ago. He was the first guy I ever slept with and ever since the break-up, I haven't been ready to have sex with anyone else. I hope you don't think I am silly for asking this, but can your vagina shrink if you aren't sexually active? And if so, will sex hurt when I start "doing it" again? Abstinent Abby

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Dear Abstinent Abby
You aren't silly for asking this question, in fact, I just read about this same kind of thing in a back issue of Cosmo. Yes, your vagina can change a little bit, but nothing that will effect sex in a bad way. It just may feel tighter the first go around again.

Think about how it feels when you aren't sexually active and you are putting a tampon in for the first time during your period. It doesn't hurt, it just feels a little bit less stretchy and adaptable, right? This is the same kind of thing.

Your vaginal muscles are just like any other muscles in your body. They definitely loosen up if you are using them more often and having regular intercourse and they'll tighten up a bit if you are going through a period of abstinence.

Try using a lubricant the first time you are going to have sex again. That will help ease any discomfort and before you know it - those vaginal muscles will be back in shape again.

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