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Ingrown Hair Solutions For Men

Dear Sugar,
I have awful ingrown hairs when I shave and in between shaves. These big, red bumps from all over my jaw line and neck and they look terrible. I am in the Navy, so I must shave everyday. It's starting to affect my self-esteem because it's so gross looking. I've tried everything from anti-bump shaving creams to a dozen different type of razors, but nothing seems to help. Do you have any suggestions? Irritated Ian

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Dear Irritated Ian
You've got to exfoliate. The hairs are ingrown because the follicles are growing in curled and skin is forming over them. I know that it's painful, but sloth it on and rub each day in the shower. When you get out, dab on some of YonKa's famous Juvenil. This highly effective (and non-stinging) solution (that smells great and not girly at all) has a super strong antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients to help fight pimples, redness and ingrown hairs.

After you apply the Juvenil, dab on some of YonKa's Creme 11. This will help the redness tremendously. The plant extracts in this cream help to combat irritations on sensitive skin. Creme 11 also helps to prevent any escalating redness and it tones down irritated and upset skin.

These products are amazing and they are simply packaged so you will feel comfortable carrying them around in your bag around your Navy buddies.

Some other suggestions are to use an electric razor. If you can use them in the Navy and if your skin can handle it - they are less harsh. Also, see how your skin reacts to using a little bit of witch hazel after shaving. Apply it with a cotton ball and wait a few minutes. This might help soothe your skin a great deal.

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