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Dear Sugar
Being a woman sometimes is a total bummer. All of the waxing, plucking, and tweezing, oh my! I feel like a dog who goes for various weekly grooming appointments. I have a horrible time shaving my bikini line because of razor burn and all of my painful and not to mention ugly ingrown hairs.

I went the waxing route a few times which was not as painful as I had expected, but how do you maintain a smooth bikini line between waxes? It seems pretty weird that you have to let it full grow out for so many weeks. I am going to be in a bathing suit this January and was wondering if you had any tips for me. Razor Burn Brooke

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Dear Razor Burn Brooke
Maintaining a perfect bikini line is no small feat. Different methods work for different women so trial and error might be in store for you. Many women suffer from sensitive skin and ingrown hairs. Shaving is sometimes the worst culprit of those nasty ingrowns, but making sure you exfoliate the area will lower the chances of trapping hair under the skin.

Tend Skin is a fantastic product that works wonders soothing the skin after any type of hair removal. Waxing can sometimes wreak havoc on the area as well. If you have coarse hair, ingrowns can be worse when taking the hair out from the root. Sticking with one method is a must so keep away from the razor in between waxes.

Schedule your appointments every three weeks and with time, your hair will grow back thinner and thinner. I am also a big fan of Laser Hair Removal / Electrolysis. Although it is a bit more pricey, you will never suffer from ingrowns again. The whole process takes about seven to nine months, a treatment every six weeks, and you will be hair free forever. Good luck finding your perfect hair removal method!

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