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Insane Break Dancer

It looks like this video has been treated by The Matrix special effects folks, but it's all just the mad skills of this gymnast/break dancer/levitation wizard. Talk about upper body strength. Jeez Louise!

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Cher412 Cher412 9 years
Yeah, that's definitely a promotional video. That guy is ALL muscle. Dang.
mandykw mandykw 9 years
I wish I had skillz...
krystalmak krystalmak 9 years
Dude. That's cool.
anaisethenry anaisethenry 9 years
He'd be awesome at capoeira!
lorenashley lorenashley 9 years
that's nuts. no thanks.
ekdkdk1 ekdkdk1 9 years
Wow, imagine the abs you would have to have to do some of those too!
flippy flippy 9 years
he stole my moves!
j-m j-m 9 years
DAMN!!!!! this guy is INSANE!
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