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Interview: Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky on Ashley Hebert

Former Bachelorette Ali on Long Engagements, Ashley's Sister, and Chris Harrison's Favorite Word

Last night on The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert swapped her final rose with an engagement ring from J.P. Rosenbaum, finishing out the latest season of the reality show. I chatted with the previous bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, about why she and fiancé Roberto Martinez don't have a wedding date set (besides her knee injury), her thoughts as a big sister herself on Ashley's sister's harsh behavior, and why she thinks Chris Harrison is one of the funniest people she's ever met.

TrèsSugar: I saw on your Facebook that you were pretty peeved about the whole drama with Ashley's sister.

Ali Fedotowsky: Oh gosh, it was making me so mad! I'm a big sister so I know what it feels like to want to protect your younger sibling. I get that, but I think she sort of crossed the line when she was just really being mean to J.P. When she said, "I don't support you proposing," after knowing him for 15 minutes, that's really not right. That was inappropriate for her to say.


TS: What do you think the role of the sister is when it comes to meeting your significant other?

AF: I think the role of the sister is to just be happy if your sister is happy. I have a sister and she has gone through some pretty awful things in different relationships, and I never ever once had judged the man she was with, even if I didn't agree with what he did. I would always just be there for her, and if she's happy, I'm happy.

TS: How are things with Roberto? And what is it like watching the show after being on it?

AF: We're doing great. I just called him yesterday to tell him how happy I was. I feel corny like that sometimes. I'm watching the finale last night, and I'm like, "Wow, that's how I met my future husband." It's so weird! We have these friends that we just recently became great friends with in San Diego, and they had never seen [the show]. We watched the first one, and they're like, "Who's going to get the first impression rose? No really, Roberto got the first impression rose?!" Then I showed them the finale and, of course me and my friend Stephanie are both bawling watching. Every single time I see my proposal, I cry. It's just so fun reliving those moments, and we just feel so blessed that we have them to look back on.

TS: It seems like a lot of the bachelors and bachelorettes get engaged and then have these long engagements and put off setting a date and getting married, including yourself. Do you think that it would be almost better, less pressure, if there wasn't a ring at the end of the show?

Keep reading to hear Ali's wedding plans and watch the full video interview.

AF: Oh no, I'm all about the ring! But I know, I see what you're saying. I was ready to marry Roberto the moment he proposed to me, but once we started living our lives, we realized there were so many things we needed to learn about each other. And it's true, yes they're long engagements, but they're not long courtships. We've been engaged almost 15 months now, a year and a few months. That's not weird for people who are in a relationship not to get married yet. I just always thought of it like, we want to have all the milestones in a relationship. We want to fight, we want to learn about each other, we want to learn to communicate, we want to, you know, experience all these things, and then get married.

TS: Ashley and JP were very different, and that was part of what Ashley's sister had an issue with. What do you think about opposites attracting?

AF: I wanted one type of guy when I went into the season, and then at the end of the taping, I realized what I needed was exactly the opposite of what I thought I had needed. Think about it ladies, if you keep dating the same type of guy and it's not working out, probably means you should date a different type of guy. So I think the same thing happened with Ashley. I think her sister was used to seeing her with a certain type of guy, maybe a guy like Ben. But once she met J.P., she's like, "This isn't the type of guy my sister goes for, she doesn't know what's going on." But it's the opposite. Ashley realized maybe this type of guy she was always going for wasn't the right guy for her.

TS: Are there any fun or little-known facts about Chris Harrison?

AF: Chris Harrison is probably one of the funniest people you will ever meet in your entire life. I just loved him. Well, he says one word all the time: itchin', but with a "B" in front of it. I don't know if I'm allowed to say it. That's like his favorite word. He's like, "Oh that's itchin'." I had no idea how great Chris was until I met him in person.

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