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Intimate Problem: Sex and Gas Don't Mix

You met this great guy, you've been going out for over a month, and you just had the best date ever. You know that the evening is going to end with your first time in bed together, but there's a huge problem — the grande burrito you ate for dinner is wreaking havoc on your stomach. So how do you deal with being intimate when you're bloated and gassy?

Since holding it in won't work — it'll make your stomach hurt, and it could end up coming out when you least expect it — here are a few other options for you to consider:

  • You could lie. Tell him you feel like you're coming down with something — it is going around, after all. Do some fake coughing, hold your throat, apologize for bailing on your sleepover, and tell him that you don't want to risk getting him sick. Chances are he's feeling airy too, so go home, be alone with your flatulence, and the next time you go out, you can eat something more basic so you'll both be ready for getting busy afterwards.
  • Take the honest route. Tell him that the meal didn't agree with you and you're not feeling well enough for company. Tell him that you want your first time to be really special, that you're really excited to share this with him, but you'd rather not do it tonight since you're feeling so crummy. If he's sensitive, he'll understand and not take it as a blow to his ego.
  • What else can you do? To find out

  • Go for a long walk after dinner and get some ginger ale. The walking will help get rid of some of your gas without him knowing, and the bubbly beverage will help to settle your stomach.
  • Brew some peppermint tea. It won't prevent you from tooting, but it'll help make whatever comes out smell sweeter (it really works).
  • End your evening earlier, but say that you want to surprise him and take him out for breakfast or dinner the next day. He'll be excited about the future date, and it'll take his mind off not being able to be with you that night. Plus it'll make your first time even more special if you both wait.

Do you have any other ideas? If so, please share them below, since we could all use as many tips as possible!


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