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Ireland Released Five Volumes on Abuses, But No Names

Ireland released an extensive report yesterday revealing that more than one thousand children were beaten, neglected, or raped at Catholic reform schools. The five-volume accounting took nine years to compile and covers six decades, but it doesn't include a single name of a priest, brother, or nun who abused children at the Catholic institutions. A religious order in question successfully sued the government in 2004 to keep the names secret. Thus, the perpetrators of rape and other physical, emotional, and sexual abuse are free from criminal prosecutions. Now victims say they've been cheated of justice.

While the victims feel vindicated by the inquiry, many maintain that they never would have opened their wounds if they knew it would result in zero criminal accountability. The report did offer over 20 ways the government could address the wrongs, including: building a monument, improving child protection services, and providing counseling to the victims. The Catholic Church in Ireland has also apologized.

Do you think the perpetrators should be brought to justice in the courts?


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