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Israeli Forces Bisect Gaza, Surround Biggest City

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Israeli Forces Bisect Gaza, Surround Biggest City Israeli ground troops and tanks cut through the Gaza Strip early Sunday, diving the territory into two and surrounding its biggest city as the new phase of a devastating offensive against Hamas militants gained momentum.

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gaza3168 gaza3168 8 years
i live in palistain i see what happining in gaza every day every night i dont like let my baby see the t.v some time when she see the kids craing she say mom they died she is only 3 and she get scared if she these stuff maybe the boming will come near us soon every day we have the jew soldiers out of our house near by waitting 4 us to do some thing so they can shoot at us.i cant look at t.v i cant sleep it,s bad very bad the pictures of kids burned there legs gone or a body without a head that was real the boming israil use not even legal u see the face of the mens womens kids whait from the fosfor in the boming.i have no idea if they show these pictures in us they never found hammas or hammas troobis in the school belong to the un who was 44 peopel killed ther kids and women who ran out of there homes to be safe there they didn't know that they will be killed there a man with his10 kids died at once thats israil they came stool our country then it's there way or no way as i'am writting now the soldirs out of my house we be brebarid every night for them to come and knock at the door in the middle of the night and we got to open we cant say no or they will take the door out that's our life in here but we will not leave it's our country our home,s
Myst Myst 8 years
oh for goodness sake Dave, get your facts straight. Go to Haarzt, an Israeli newspaper that even says Israel violated the 6-months cease-fire. No one is arguing that Hamas is at fault, but no one in the American news media is pointing out the fact that Israel has held a blockade of the Gaza region since they left occupation in 2005. The people have Gaza had very limited access to food and water, and about 80 percent of the population is living below the poverty line, because Israel has refused to allow many of them to be able to cross through to look for employment in the West Bank and into Israel. It's cold and damp the majority of the time in Gaza because Israel controls the power and only turns it on 4 times throughout the day. I went to Gaza with my best friend last year, it's a horrible way for anyone to live and Israel's action is only radicalizing the population even more so.
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
If Hamas doesn't want civilains to be killed, then they need to stop shooting from civilian locations. Let's not froget that Hamas started this by violating the Ceasefire that Clinton rammed through in 93 (according to CNN).
Myst Myst 8 years
Zeze I've been watching this from day one and to be honest I was literally shivering with anger once I read that the US has blocked the cease-fire and don't get me started on Condi Rice. If there was ever a time I could reach through the tv to hit a person, that would be it. I absolutely abhor Hamas however what Israel is doing to the Palestinian is wrong. Israel have the right to defend itself, however an attack of this scale is just unbelievably wrong.
zeze zeze 8 years
This is horrifying! Israel bombed a public market yesterday. I think they planned this, waited for a Palestinian to even speak in the wrong tone and launched a full scale war! And the US (BUSH) is blocking a UN call for ceasefire. I feel horrible as an American and even worse when I see so many people not bother to even know what is going on. Why are we blocking a ceasefire, why are we ok with Israel exterminating Palestinians.
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