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I've Been Caught Lying

I've Been Caught Lying

Dear Sugar
Ugh, I've gotten myself into a jam. I am in the process of interviewing for my dream job and right now it appears to be between me and one other candidate. My interviews went really well and I have amazing references. I thought this job was a slam dunk until I got a call from my prospective company questioning my business school degree.

I stated on my resume that I was a graduate and that I had my MBA, but the truth is, I dropped out of school a month before graduation and never completed my last semester. Although I did go to business school, my resume is misleading and now I am caught in a lie. What do I do? I really want this job. Deceptive Deidre

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Dear Deceptive Deidre
Lying on your resume is risky and wrong, but you are not alone. Exaggerating your accomplishments is very common, especially if you want to tailor your job description to the specific job you are applying for, but you must be prepared to provide proof of your claims. In your case, you have no options. I am afraid that you are just going to have to come clean.

Let them know you unfortunately had to withdraw from school a month prior to graduation, and that you are only short a few classes before you are able to obtain your degree. Tell your potential employer how much you want this job and how you are willing to take those classes as soon as possible to complete your business school requirements.

Getting caught lying on a resume can lower your credibility. Being as honest as possible is always best. Reiterate how interested you are in this position and how your other achievements would be a great asset to their company. Give them time to make their decision. In the meantime, enroll yourself if the rest of those classes! Don't let this happen again, especially if you are really an inch away from getting a real degree.

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