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I've Fallen In Love With My Best Friend

I've Fallen In Love With My Best Friend

Dear Sugar
I fell in love with my best friend and now I don't know what to do. I don't want to ruin our friendship. I once swore that I would never fall in love with a guy like him. I've pretty much only dated sporty types and it's a strict rule I've obeyed since I've entered the dating business at age15.

My best friend is nothing of this type at all. He's into poetry, literature and politics. He also has dreams of becoming a lawyer. He's very posh, well-bred and really nothing at all like the other "bad-boy types" I've dated in the past.

I've been friends with him since infancy. My father and his father were college buddies. We've been through rough times, happy times and pretty much every curve ball that life could possibly throw at you. I know him inside and out and I am shocked myself that I've all of a sudden fallen for him.

I am very nervous about what his reaction will be when I confront him with my feelings. He usually dates the rich girls who are not into partying, and who are
very well bred...boring ones, to be honest. I am nothing like that, and I wouldn't say that I'm much of a poet, politician or literature academic either.

I'm not quite sure what to say to him and was hoping that you would be able to help me out. No matter what, I don't want things to ever be awkward between us. Love Struck Lucia

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Dear Love Struck Lucia
Stop panicking - when has that ever gotten you anywhere? Here's the plan. Choose a special time when you can be somewhere alone to break the news to him.

Tell him that you feel awkward about risking your friendship but that at the same time it's becoming too challenging for you to hide your feelings. Add that thinking about him makes you so excited so you felt now was the right time to come clean. Ask him how he feels ... and then be silent.

Stop, wait, and listen...and whatever you do, don't make the first move and try to kiss him! Talk about sensory overload, I am sure he's going to feel an element of shock and that may put him into a trauma state. If he feels the same way, a kiss will naturally evolve. Good luck. This could be a wonderful new chapter in your relationship.

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