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I've Just Had A Baby, But I Still Want More

I've Just Had A Baby, But I Still Want More

Dear Sugar
I had a baby almost three months ago who I love and adore. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Although I have my hands full and am quite tired, I am finding myself feeling a little bit bored with the routine at home.

I decided to not go back to work after having my baby but I would still like to do something fulfilling with my education and prior work experience in advertising. I am having a hard time finding a part time job and my hobby of jewelry making requires me to use my hands which are not all that free anymore. Restless Rebecca

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Dear Restless Rebecca
Congratulations on your new addition! Transitioning out of work mode into being a full time mother often takes time and a lot of adjusting. I think many new mothers feel the same way you do. Could you work part time at your advertising agency? Perhaps from home? You could utilize your daughter's nap time for your hobby of making jewelry or researching other opportunities.

In order for your baby to be happy, it is important for you to be happy as well. Motherhood oftentimes throws you into a brand new world so perhaps reaching out to other new mothers in a similar situation can give you support. Every woman is different and if you are finding yourself getting post-baby blues, make sure to allow some time for yourself away from your little one.

Do you have family or friends that could watch your baby a few hours a week in order for you to have some alone time? Once your baby gets older, you could join a play group which will allow you to socialize with other smart women as well as give you a much needed break from your daily routine. I hope these suggestions help, and again, congratulations!

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