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I've Stained My Favorite Pair Of Pants

I've Stained My Favorite Pair Of Pants

Dear Sugar
I have an embarrassing problem that I am hoping you can help me with. I have an amazing pair of pants that I love, but I think my "monthly visitor" ruined them. Do you have a secret stain removing potion you could share with me? I want to save my pants but am too embarrassed to take them to the dry cleaners. Soiled Sandy

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Dear Soiled Sandy
There's no need to be embarrassed, these kinds of mishaps happen to the best of us. Hopefully my grandmother's tried and true secret solvent will be able to help you out. Here are the ingredients:

Fill a glass with one quart of water, one half tablespoon of liquid hand soap and one tablespoon of ammonia. Mix them all together and drown the stain in the solution allowing it to sit until you see some progress in the color of the stain. Then, rinse out your pants in cold water and hang them dry. Hydrogen peroxide is another good remedy, but only use it if the fabric is white. You have to be very careful when using peroxide because it's a bleach.

Dry cleaners come across all kinds of weird stains daily, so I would take it to a professional if my Grandmother's solvent doesn't get you the results that you are looking for. Definitely don't be embarrassed. Remember in the movie The Sweetest Thing when Selma Blair had to take Christina Applegate's "dirty" dress that she borrowed to the dry cleaners?

As embarrassing as it might be, they have experience getting out dried blood stains and I am sure they can help. Just be confident and go during off peak hours. If you are really nervous walk in wearing your largest pair of sunglasses. Good Luck!

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