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In addition to featuring one of the best junk food burgers out there — the Sourdough Jack (oh, man I just made myself hungry!) — I have to say Jack in the Box has some pretty great commercials. Take this one for their fruit smoothies, featuring a glassy-eyed menopausal woman who claims this beverage keeps her from going "street rat crazy." (A Jack in the Box fruit smoothie? Really?)

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heartnebula heartnebula 8 years
haha! How did I ever miss this commercial? Jack's face makes it even more hilarious. I'm seriously craving one of those smoothies now...
gailsie gailsie 8 years
This commercial is awesome. That woman's expressions perfectly mirror my own hormonal rage! To JITB!
tglynn tglynn 8 years
love it!
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
This commercial always makes me laugh. That woman looks like someone straight out of Highland Park in Dallas.
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