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James Franco to Teach at Yale

Have You Had a Crush on a Teacher?

I met the head of my college's English department the first day of my junior year. Swedish and 6'5", he was like a 40-something Alexander Skarsgård. He was a Renaissance man, and by that I mean he taught literature from the 16th and 17th centuries. It wasn't my area of interest, so he told me he'd be my adviser until I found someone more appropriate. I didn't think that would be necessary, I said. It was.

His classes overflowed with women, more so than the average literature class, which is how I envision James Franco's class looking at Yale. The actor will enroll this Fall to earn a PhD in English literature, and by January he'll bypass the TA thing and teach his very own class.

Since Yale banned student-teacher relationships this Spring, students will probably have to keep Franco in their daydreams. Nonetheless, I imagine a few inappropriate crushes will blossom. Were you ever more interested in a teacher than his course?

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