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Jan. 19: The Most Depressing Day of Your Life?

Today's not just Martin Luther King day or the day before an historic presidential inauguration, it's Blue Monday — the most depressing day of the year. Factor in the economy, which you can really blame anything on, and it's the most depressing day. Ever.

Well, at least since they started keeping track! But, it's true . . . ish. UK psychologists devised a formula that took six factors into account: weather, debt, time since Christmas, average time New Year's resolutions last (or don't last), low motivation levels, and feeling a need to take action.

If that wasn't enough, separate research found today to be the day people are most likely to have accident or call in sick. Maybe they're just mad they don't have MLK day off? Fine. The research comes from the UK so it's not taking such American things into account. And with so much hope floating around for inauguration, I have trouble believing the research translates. So, next Monday?


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