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Hey Sugars,
I try my very hardest to be a good girlfriend. I hate fighting with my man, so I try to pick my battles carefully. He hates it when I lose control and get emotional and upset, understandably so. But this is what baffles me . . . he is friends with an ex of his who is the opposite of me. She seeks him out constantly and is always whining about her relationships. She always seems to have some crisis that she needs saving from, and he is always there to lend a hand. She is often demanding and annoying. She expects him to drop everything. She gets angry when he doesn't respond to her right away.

When I cry over something or am upset, he gets cold. He says that it's his natural response to me being irrational. I'm jealous that she gets warm attention when she is being all dramatic, but I get a cold shoulder. What's going on here? Does she have his claws in him still?

Sorry if this post is weird and vague. P.S. (We live together and have been together for three years. He's 30; I'm 24.)

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