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Jennifer Aniston's White Dress in "The Break Up"

Jennifer Aniston's White Dress in "The Break Up"

Dear Sugar

I saw the Break-Up last night and I absolutely love the white dress Jennifer Aniston wears when she goes on a date with Geoff Stults. Do you know who makes it and where I can get it? White Hot Heather

Dear White Hot Heather
That dress was smokin'. And how about her body in the dress? Please. She needs to be the spokeswoman for channeling divorce depression into physical fitness. It really is no wonder that Vince fell for her; she's a babe right now.

Unfortunately, you can not buy the dress. It's Calvin Klein, but was made specifically for her in this movie. I don't know why they won't put it into production - it would fly off of the shelves, but I have confirmation that they will not be replicating it to sell. I'm sorry.

You can however, buy her awesome Jennifer Meyer gold leaf earrings and small gold leaf necklace. She's wearing them in most of the scenes throughout the movie, and the necklace especially is a great piece to layer with other necklaces or to wear alone

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