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Jersey Shore Slang

We were remiss not to cover the misogynistic mess that is MTV's Jersey Shore in December, but it's a new year and everybody needs a resolution. The show walks a careful, tan line between spellbinding and appalling, and last night's episode veered more toward the appalling end of the shore.

Ronnie continually emotionally abuses Sammi — telling her she has a "Fred Flinstone toe" and getting unspeakably mad when she tells him to "go f— himself." Then she blames herself for angering him! I don't know why I am surprised; both the girls and guys on the show continually put down women. You don't even need to watch the show — just look at their choicest words.

  • Creep: We hear this word first from Ronnie when he says, "I left her [Sammi] at the house to go creep on some girls at Karma." Then Snooki and Sammi use it too! You might think creep as a verb means exactly what it sounds like, and it does. But according to Urban Dictionary, it has more nuanced meanings: hitting on drunk women while sober or vice versa; sleeping with someone who's taken or hitting on someone while taken (cheating?); and hitting on much younger women. So, basically, anything creepy.

To see the rest, read more.

  • Grenade: When the blond women, who "don't even look Italian," come over and start a fight . . . at least that's the gang's interpretation. I'm pretty sure Snooki followed them out, but I digress. They call one of the girls a "grenade," which I thought was for her quick ability to throw fists frantically and indiscriminately, but not according to Urban Dictionary. It's actually a term for "the solitary ugly girl always found with a group of hotties."
  • Animal-themed words for women: Hippo, elephant. I don't think the Jersey Shore cast used these to mean anything other than bigger than average or, in Snooki's case, her. But, really, two in an episode?!

Have you picked up any Shore slang?

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