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Jessica Simpson Dishes on Fried Steak, Photoshop, and Mom

It's hard to believe Jessica Simpson's been in the public eye for a decade. Interviewed by California First Lady Maria Shriver at this week's Women's Conference, an annual event held to inspire, educate, and empower women, Jessica talked about how she finds strength to deal with media scrutiny while sharing what inspires her.

Having just turned 30, Jessica has a fresh perspective on beauty and self-acceptance. I attended the panel last night; find out what I learned below.

On the impact of Photoshop: It's interesting to see yourself Photoshopped — it's the perfect version of yourself according to each editor. You think, "Oh they don't like that mole, or that bump in my nose." Even I look at an airbrushed photo and think I wish I was as beautiful as that picture of me.


On how she builds self-esteem: I write in a journal, and that helps me get to know myself. It's therapeutic for me.

On the power of mothers: The most inspirational person in my life is my mom. It's important for mothers to see a daughter as their child, but also as a best friend. My mother was my best friend. I really trusted my mother. I knew I'd have the best outfit because my mom helped me pick it out. And now we work on my clothing line together.

On her idea of a good date: I want to go on a date and eat a good meal. Give me good wine and a fried steak.

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On her idea of pampering: With my job, I'm forced to be a girly-girl. I'm a jeans, t-shirt, and ponytail girl. A good pampering day for me would be vegging out on the couch, eating whatever the heck I want to eat, and watching all my TV shows.

On wanting to leave the business and move back to Texas: So many times I wanted to surrender. But I know I have a calling. It's important for people to take ownership of their lives and not let judgment take over who you are.

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janneth janneth 6 years
I love her honesty about PhotoShop.
mandyo11 mandyo11 6 years
She sounds pretty dumb if you ask me. How about you don't allow them to photoshop you? There's an idea. Many people are already putting a stop to it. I lost all respect for her when she wore a shirt that read " Real Girls Eat Meat". How ignorant and uneducated could she really be? Nuff said.
dexaholic dexaholic 6 years
She actually sounds pretty down to earth, considering she's "Jessica Simpson" and all.
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