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Jimmy Carter Thinks America Could Elect a Gay President

Jimmy Carter Says America Could Elect Gay President — Agree?

News that the Senate refuses to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" or that the Czech Republic makes gay asylum seekers prove their sexuality by watching straight porn might make you think that homosexuals have a long way to go at home and abroad. But the ever-optimistic Jimmy Carter has faith that the American public is opening its collective mind enough to elect a gay president in the near future. He said:

"I don't know about the next election, but I think in the near future. Because step-by-step we have realized that this issue of homosexuality has the same adverse and progressive elements as when we dealt with the race issue 50 years ago . . . or 40 years ago. So I would say that the country is getting acclimated to a President who might be female, who might obviously, now be black and who might be as well, a gay person."

Do you agree with the former president?

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