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Jimmy Smits was Barack Obama on The West Wing

Barack Obama Has Already Been in The West Wing

This article Buzz pointed out yesterday about Barack Obama being the real-life inspiration for Jimmy Smits' character, Matt Santos, got me all shades of nostalgic for The West Wing. Now granted, by the time that story line rolled around, I daresay the show had, ahem, Jumped the proverbial Shark, but the article is a good read and a nice blend of Ballot Bowl '08 and the Boob-tube.

Writer and producer Eli Attie said,

"Some of Santos's insistence on not being defined by his race, his pride in it even as he rises above it, came from that."

Attie acknowledges Obama's rising superstar image, saying,

"After that convention speech, Obama's life changed. He was mobbed wherever he went. He was more than a candidate seeking votes: people were seeking him. Some of Santos's celebrity aura came from that."

And a glorious, glorious treat for you: the video of the absolute best, classic West Wing scene, ever. Wanna see, "oh, and one more thing. In this building, when the President stands, nobody sits."? Then


Sigh. President Bartlett was the best president we've ever had.


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Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
That just gave me chills all over again! Man, do I miss that show.
laurlee laurlee 9 years
Whenever the West Wing was on, it gave me hope for what our leaders could be. Now that it's off the air, I realize that that kind of leadership may rest in only a few brilliant writers' minds in LA.
JuliusCaesar JuliusCaesar 9 years
Man, how I miss President Bartlet! I was just to saying to my friend the other day if McCain and Obama win their respective nominations it'll be like Vinick and Santos redux. (And hopefully the '08 election result will mirror the West Wing one!)
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