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John Edwards admitted to having an affair last August, assuring that his invitation to the Democratic Convention got lost in the mail, and that the National Enquirer would get off his case. But it doesn't seem that all the Edwards want to let the story go away. John's wife, Elizabeth, is set to release Resilience: Reflections on the Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life's Adversities, a self-help book that will reflect on her struggle with losing a son, battling cancer, and confronting her husband's infidelity.

The other woman, Rielle Hunter, hasn't given interviews, or asserted publicly that her daughter Frances Quinn is John Edward's daughter — although in her first birthday picture, Frances looks more than a little like Edwards. In his "I'm sorry" interview, John said he knew he wasn't the father, based on the timing of the the affair.

Since Elizabeth seems willing to share her experience, do you have any interest in knowing the details of the affair from either John, Elizabeth, or Rielle?


stephley stephley 8 years
I said nothing about judgmental about divorce one way or the other - I said what happens afterwards doesn't redefine behavior at the time of. I'm not sure why anyone would ask "Is it your contention that if you were ever divorced, you are barred forever from high office?" based on my comment.
flutterpie flutterpie 8 years
ugh john edwards is a sleazebag, i liked him so much and now i feel a little jilted by him, as far as elizabeth goes, that poor woman has been through hell, i would buy the book out of sympathy.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
Steph, I was unaware that you were so opposed to divorce. I was correcting a misunderstanding about McCain divorcing a wife on her death bed, and pointing out it was an event that took place 28 years ago. Is it your contention that if you were ever divorced, you are barred forever from high office?
stephley stephley 8 years
The financial settlement and the first Mrs. McCain's eventual gainful employment hardly mitigate the circumstances of the divorce.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
that is 28 years ago, not 20.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
John Edwards was and is a family’s value hypocrite of the first order. I have no respect for him. I do feel sorry for his wife and children. To the best of my knowledge McCain’s wife is still alive. The records show: John McCain gave up his interest in two homes and agreed to pay $1,625 a month in alimony and child support when he divorced his first wife 20 years ago, court records show. The senator and Republican presidential candidate divorced his wife Carol in 1980 when he was a Navy captain with a home of record in Orange Park, Fla., about 12 miles south of Jacksonville. McCain, 63, gave her his interest in homes in Alexandria, Va., and South Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., according to records of the divorce settlement obtained by The Associated Press and other newspapers. The Arizona senator agreed to give her their furnishings, $1,325 a month in alimony, $300 in child support. He also agreed to pay an additional $500 monthly if she couldn't find a job. She was subsequently employed in the Reagan White House, according to George "Bud" Day, McCain's attorney during the divorce. Day also was one McCain's cellmates when they were prisoners of war in Vietnam. Carol McCain, who has remained friendly with her former husband, did not immediately return a phone call to her Virginia home Thursday seeking comment. McCain filed for the divorce, stating in court records that the marriage was "irretrievably broken." Under the settlement, McCain maintained insurance policies worth $64,000 with their children as beneficiaries, agreed to pay for their daughter's college education and paid $3,005 in joint debts. Carol McCain got the family's Audi, while McCain was allowed to keep a Datsun 810 and his personal belongings, the records show. A month after the divorce, McCain married Cindy Lou Hensley.
Cherubim22 Cherubim22 8 years
John Edwards committed adultery nearly 3 years ago. He told his family about it, and he begged them for forgiveness. John learned from his mistake, and he and his family worked on it, and moved on. God bless him and his wife for working things out. It's much better than cheating on your wife, who is near death, then divorcing her, and marrying your mistress for her family fortune. Wait a minute, didn't John McCain do that? The Hunter won't get a paternity test because she has narrowed the possible father's down to only about 4 or 5 men. I checked in my dictionary and according to Webster Rielle (Real) Hunter aka Lisa Druke fits the definitions for a whore and a slut.
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
Whoops, sorry about that Steph! I totally got that wrong about who was asking for clarifications about her status.
stephley stephley 8 years
I said 'Nope', not 'terminal'... but that's okay KS, Hainan and I are a lot alike.
kscincotta kscincotta 8 years
I suspect that she was already writing this book before all the affair stuff broke in the media. She wrote her first book after her first battle with cancer and it was a huge success. I'm sure when she was diagnosed with "chronic" cancer, as they have referred to it, her publishers thought that a second book would be a good idea. The affair stuff just happened to fit in nicely with the themes that she was already addressing. I would be curious to see how much of the book is actually dedicated to the affair. Steph, they have always preferred to call her cancer as "chronic", as opposed to terminal. She will always have cancer cells in her body and she will have to have regular periods of chemo in order to keep the cancer from spreading beyond where it is now. But they feel that with this kind of treatment, they can keep the cancer restricted enough so that she can live a more normal life, even without ever fully going into remission.
fuzzles fuzzles 8 years
When it comes to the experiences that Elizabeth has had with cancer as well as her son's death, I would say that I would be interested in her perspectives on both matters. But the infidelity issue and book timing, etc. makes me cringe. I'm not a parent, but the body language of the younger children in that photo strikes me as being a bit unsettling.
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
Is there any sense of shame in that family? Go away, just go away.
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
I am only curious as to if that cute little girl is his, just curious though. He needs to be paying her some child support if so.
StolzeMama StolzeMama 8 years
I can't say I blame her for staying with him and for writing the book. It appears his political dreams have been fluched down the toilet, if a dna test is to come John might have to be paying child support. She probably wants the money to give to her kids. Maybe a name change so they won't be associated with their philandering father ?? And if she truly does have terminal cancer (not that up to date with her condition) why not just stay married, it won't be that long. And as long as he is treating her right while present, I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing. But if she really wanted to be a role model for how to handle this situation, she shouldn't write a book at all, or maybe release it after she dies :shrug:
johnsonkm20 johnsonkm20 8 years
Not in the least
Carrie-Sue Carrie-Sue 8 years
Extremely sad, especially for the children.
kh61582 kh61582 8 years
It's kind of ridiculous to think that she has anything substantive to say. This all just happened a little over 6 months ago and in order for the book to be coming out soon she would have needed to start it after only two months or so. She's just doing this for money and publicity therefore there can be nothing worth reading in this book.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
I'd be interested in hearing Elizabeths perspective.
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
I don't care. Not my business
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
Please go away now. Leave the private business in private.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 8 years
valancyjane valancyjane 8 years
I don't really want to know the details - not even from Elizabeth, who I think is amazing. That whole thing made me so sad - they were the picture of the perfect couple, supporting each other and sharing in sadness and joy (and having anniversary dinners at Wendy's! love it!). And he can't keep it in his pants. Just broke my heart. I might read Elizabeth's book, but it won't be to get details about the affair. I sort of wish she wouldn't talk about it, actually - talking about losing her son is one thing, but this is your children's father. They're going to read this one day. What's the point of talking about it?
piper23 piper23 8 years
That's just a sad situation.
stephley stephley 8 years
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
None at all. I already know the best way to help my family, and that is to be faithful to the woman I married.
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