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Something For Everyone: Meet McCain's Long VP Shortlist

On Friday I floated the notion tossed out in The New Yorker that John McCain should pick Condoleezza Rice as his running mate. Your reactions to the possibility were mixed at best. You're in luck! If The New Yorker's suggestion doesn't fly your flag, the no less luminary publication, Radar, has put together a comprehensive slide-show/handicapping list of possible Veeps. Not sure you could pick Governor Tim Pawlenty out of a line-up? Click on over and put a face with the name.

While the picks are serious, the descriptions are a riot. To wit:

Fred Thompson, Former senator from Tennessee, "Curly Sue" co-star

If McCain picks his old pal Fred, GOP higher-ups say they'll insist that Cindy McCain and Jeri Thompson wear buckskin fringe bikinis on the campaign trail to distract voters from the Grumpy Grampa ticket of 2008.

Of the 20 choices, two are women and all are discussed/skewered to nonetheless illuminating results. I love my learnin' with a side of laughs. Weirdly missing? Rudy Giuliani and Joe Lieberman. The only choice I can't picture? Clarence Thomas. Hmm. . . McCain/Thomas '08? We shall see!


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