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John McCain's Vice Presidential Pick 2008-03-14 16:00:11

The New Yorker Picks McCain's #2, Joins Facebook=Big Week!

The debate can end now, The New Yorker has picked John McCain's running mate. Nope, not Florida Governor Charlie Crist, or Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty — it's. . . wait for it. . . Condoleezza Rice. Stunned? Here's some of the reasoning behind the pick.

Her nomination to a constitutional executive office would cost McCain the votes of his party’s hardened racists and incorrigible misogynists. They are surely fewer in number, though, than the people who would like to participate in breaking the glass ceiling of race or gender but, given the choice, would rather do so in a more timid way, and/or without abandoning their party. And with Rice on the ticket the Republicans could attack Clinton or Obama with far less restraint.

It's not completely without merit, though for some reason I can't see it happening, but the piece is worth a read for sure. One other tidbit that stood out? George W. Bush might be remembered for his progressive cabinet nominations. Surprised? Then,


In this connection, a kind word for George W. Bush may be in order. By appointing first Colin Powell and then Rice to the most senior job in the Cabinet, a job of global scope, Bush changed the way millions of white Americans think about black public officials. This may turn out to the most positive legacy of his benighted Presidency.

Oh, and if you like these ideas, you're in luck! The New Yorker now has a Facebook page. Head on over and give 'em a poke.


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