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Finally, Someone Loves Jon Hamm More Than Us

I didn't think it was possible to crush more on Jon Hamm than we do, but the biggest Hamm-ophile might just be Adam Sachs, the writer who profiled him for the October issue of Details.

While it's filled with great quotes from Jon, the best parts were Sachs's effusive, guy-crush descriptions of the Mad Men actor. Read the highlights below.

  • He walks among us: "The truth is, gleaming ride and all, not many people take notice of him. Maybe it's some Malibu nonchalance. . . . More likely it has to do with how little Hamm resembles his onscreen persona: He's an athletic guy with a quick smile, floppy hair, mouse-gray Nike mid-tops. Not self-consciously handsome. Not a dick."
  • But has flashes of superstardom: "Then there's the salesman's pitch, a dreamy melody of wishes granted, promises met, futures brightened. So, after another triple-digit speed dash [in his on-loan Mercedes], he can say with languorous authority, 'The thing about this car is, it has excellent brakes,' and it is utterly convincing. . . . And when we stop for a snack down the road at a place called Duke's and Hamm pronounces a phrase as banal as 'The nachos have landed,' it has the weight of a benediction. Everything's gonna be all right now, because . . . the nachos have landed."
  • And becomes a savior when he's Don Draper: "What's startling about Draper isn't just the physical man-ness Hamm projects as the chisel-chinned messenger sent from the past to save us from casual Fridays and Twitter."
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Join The Conversation
classysassy classysassy 6 years
Love a man in a suit! Just started watching Mad Men and can't believe I waited this long to be glued to it.
Studio16 Studio16 6 years
I don't understand how you couldn't love him? And I give the author credit! If I had to write an article on Jon Hamm it would say, "He has a really handsome face and all this lush hair and he looks his age, but in a good way omg so hotttttt" Mad props to you, Mr. Sachs. Pun not intended.
stephley stephley 6 years
There is a lot to love...
janneth janneth 6 years
Oh my, he is gushing.
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