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How We Fell in and Out of Love With Juan Pablo, in GIFs

Mar 10 2014 - 4:00pm

It was clear from last week's Women Tell All episode [1] that all the ladies of The Bachelor are really, really over the show's star. We, too, have been wondering how our relationship with Juan Pablo Galavis went from love at first sight [2] to d*ck pics [3]. It's been an emotional roller coaster ever since we first met the Latin lover in Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette, so we felt the best way to tell our breakup story was through GIFs. Truly, every rose has its thorn.

Source: Twitter user sharleenjoynt [4]

When we first laid eyes on Juan Pablo.

And he spoke with that accent.

Then he gushed about his daughter.

And took his shirt off.

Did we mention the dance moves?

Then he said that there shouldn't be a gay bachelor.

And called them perverts.

Source: AOL [5]

And apologized by saying he has a gay cousin.

And like that, our lady boner is gone.

But we kept watching. Maybe we can salvage this relationship.

As long as he doesn't say or do anything else ridiculous.

But then he starts making all these kissing "rules," saying he's trying to be a good dad.

Meanwhile, he's constantly changing the rules on the girls and really just making out with whoever he wants.

To top it off, he and Clare did something naked in the ocean (probably sex).

And the next day he tells Clare that it was a mistake and set a bad example for his daughter.

Instead of taking responsibility, he basically blames her for what happened.

And in the midst of all this, he's been a kind of boring bachelor. He says like one thing for every 100 the girls say.

Source: Lifetime [6]

Then there was that d*ck pic floating around . . .

. . . That the woman he picks in the end is sending around to her friends.

Did we mention that he sent Cassandra home on her birthday?

But the final straw was when he told Andi she "barely" made it to the final three and talked about Clare on their overnight.

Welp, adios, Juan Pablo.

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