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Julien, The French Sanjaya

Now that Sanjaya's been eliminated from American Idol, we must find another bad singer to pay too much attention to. Enter Julien, France's answer to Sanjaya on "Nouvelle Star." Here, he reveals more than he wants to by choosing to sing (in a very thick French accent) the Radiohead hit: "I'm a creep/I'm a weirdo/What the 'ell am I doing here?/I don't belong here." Mmm hmm.

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zzuli zzuli 10 years
Julien is really GREAT!! ..anyway, french artists,and in fact, french people are simply the best.. (i'm french) ;)
margot13 margot13 10 years
I am so impressed... I-am-american-and-I-am-listening-crap people are now judging OUR artists.... it is incredible! Julien cannot be compared to all that shit you are listening to... HE is creative, HE is original... not your Britney, Cristina, or Jessica. Who do you think you are... If you don"t like, do not listen! and stop talking shit! please
Summer-Sugar Summer-Sugar 10 years
Oh no, there is more than one? The Beautiful Reality of it all.
leaglagla leaglagla 10 years
I'm sorry but I don't see in what he looks like Sanjaya... This guy is an artist he has his own style, I like him, he knows how to do the show, he knows what to be on stage means. That's not because he's got a real new and fresh personality that he is a worst singer than an other one...You can't judge him by seeing 30s of his perfomance, that's stupid... His talent doesn't deserve the comparison with Sanjaya...
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
Hey ptinfrance, I'm all for weird voices and even strong accents (Bob Dylan, Nico, etc.) but this guy is just...bad. Good try, though! I'll remember to say I'm an experimental performance artist the next time someone politely asks me to stop singing ;)
ptinfrance ptinfrance 10 years
i sort of consider julien to be more of a experimental performance artist. ok, so this interpretion could use some improvement. it was definitely hard on the ears. (he can't help his accent!) ;-) anyway, he tends to try to spin his own weirdness onto songs. you should've heard him sing "like a virgin"! he sang it like a swing-like frank sinatra meets joe cocker style. actually i think he's got a pretty good singing voice. you should check out soma, who i think is more of an equivalent to sanjaya...
Megami76 Megami76 10 years
He just butchered one of the greatest bands alive. If Thom Yorke saw this, it would probably turn his other eye lazy.
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