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So, every time I get called for jury duty, I secretly want to be chosen. The first time, I was so excited. Right out of college and nothing to do at my empty job, I was game — at least for the three days I'd get paid. I sat in the jury room all morning, listening to name after name be called. By noon, 20 or so of us sat there, uncalled for. "Just go," we were told.

The next time was two years ago, and I had become jaded enough to cringe at my summons. But once I made it to the courtroom, I totally wanted to be selected. And, I was! For a 17-year-old trip-and-fall case that settled before the trial began. "Never again," I said.

Yesterday I went down to San Francisco's courthouse and was gripped upon hearing I was there for a criminal case. In the moment, I was all "me, me, pick me." I answered a questionnaire (how do you feel about gun possession? not great) and now fear I made myself ripe for the picking. Maybe talking about it here will get me out!


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