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Karl Rove Gets Protested, Audience Boos, Yells "Tase 'Em"!

C-SPAN has never been this rowdy! At a speech given at the George Washington University, former Bush adviser Karl Rove received a heckling to remember. But the yells of "Tase 'Em"? Not directed at who you might expect! Check it out.

"The tail and the horns are retractable." If you say so! And for the Rove quote I'm getting put on a t-shirt? "Look, I'm a myth!" Ohh, and about that "war criminal" sign? That reminds me — there's an appalling amount that we don't know about the run up to the war. Heard of "Curveball?" If not,


In case you weren't home Friday night watching BBC America (I don't blame you if you weren't!) they ran some exclusive footage of the informant, "Curveball." Never heard of him? You're not alone, but he's entirely worth learning about. You know that speech Colin Powell gave in front of the UN Security Council? He's quoting Curveball almost verbatim.

If you want to learn more about this Iraqi defector who may have fabricated all of the WMD stories that led to the Iraq War? You can watch the entire Frontline: Bush's War special from last week online. It's four hours, but it's an unflinchingly honest look at just how we got where we are today. The website has transcripts, check out this one from David Kay. He launches into Curveball about halfway through.

Have you heard of him? Are you shocked and awed?

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