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Body Double: Kate Middleton's Look-Alikes

Kate Bevan sort of looks like a certain queen in waiting who shares her first name. Since the royal engagement, perfect strangers have been congratulating her, so the 21-year-old decided to quit her job and pursue a career as a Kate Middleton look-alike. She already has the long brown hair and shiny Issa dress. All she needs to do is trade her Midland accent for Kate's posh cadence and makeup and styling will complete the transformation.

Once this princess wannabe does lose the accent, she'll still face some competition. One professional look-alike agency (yes, they exist), lists four Kate Middleton for hire. There's Jodie Bredo seen above on the left, or Colette Mularkey on the right. Wealthy people with a monarch obsession, or more likely a company looking for a PR stunt, can rent out a William and Kate duo for about $4,000 a day. But if you want to get royally creepy, check out this uncanny Princess Diana look-alike.

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Ladyseven Ladyseven 6 years
Did anyone else go through that website? It was weirdly mesmerizing. They have a wide variety of options for all your creepy lookalike needs, and some options that are guaranteed to disappoint. (Having an A cup does not make you a Kate Moss lookalike. Just saying.) And I have to ask this question: I wonder how it feels to put "Hitler Lookalike" on a resume? That... poor guy? I suppose growing the whole mustache was out of the question, or are war tyrant lookalikes in high demand in the UK?
gummybears123 gummybears123 6 years
must be disappointing when you go to an event that has a william and kate look-alikes and you find out that they're not the real deal. to be honest i feel like professional celebrity look-alikes are kind of creepy. i know i would not like there to be someone that is pretending to be me walking around and getting paid.
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