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Would You Take Marital Advice From Your Church?

While Kate Middleton's princess training is already in session, she and her prince will soon have joint sessions on how to have a successful marriage with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of London.

The clergy's advice is likely to include setting the correct tone at their April wedding, the dynamic of their relationship, family planning, and role-playing scenarios for situations they could face.

This doesn't sound terrible since they will have a unique marriage, but I've always been wary of church-sponsored marriage training. Mostly because I grew up Catholic, and lots of churches require a six-week course called Pre-Cana if a couple plans to marry in the church. Really, why would I take advice from someone who's never been married or, probably, never even been in a relationship?

I realize that's not the case for every religion, but what about being a God expert makes someone a marriage counselor? Catholicism's Pre-Cana sessions are supposed to cover compatibility, basic principles of Catholic marriage and family life, conflict resolution, and rules couples should follow, yet my mother's course in 1975 included this tip: never go to breakfast without lipstick on.

So regardless of your religion, would you take advice from your church?

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kurniakasih kurniakasih 6 years
I would take it into consideration (especially if I asked for the marital advice) but when it boils down to, it'll be my decision in the end. The reason I actually 'made it' (I was suicidal at one point in my life) was because of an advice from my pastor.
amber512 amber512 6 years
If I trust the pastor of my church enough to visit each week and hear him speak, why wouldn't I trust his marital advice? My husband and I were married before we started going to church, so we never did do any counseling beforehand. But my pastor and his wife are an amazing couple and I would have gone to counseling with them if they had wanted us to.
myhousemd myhousemd 6 years
I am taking marital advice from my church right now. It probably helps that the leaders in my church are almost all married men who have (usually) been married for years.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 6 years
gosh i didnt find it snotty at all! why shouldn't a website about 'sex and culture' examine this subject? it was clear that she was only speaking about one experience (her mother's), and asking for others' opinions as well as hypothesizing why priests *might* not be the best marriage advisers. honestly if you were training for a new job that you were eager to keep for a long time, would you prefer to be trained by someone who'd actually tried the job at least once or someone who has a trainer manual and is trained to train it but has never tried it? In the example, the fact that they gave that lipstick advice.....kind of makes their course seem a bit shallow. or like they maybe didnt put a lot of time into creating it! After all, they dont need the course to be anything special at all, people are only choosing their course because they have already decided to marry in that church, right? good topic :)
xxstardust xxstardust 6 years
Colleen ... I won't go as far as to call you a snot (though I have been struck by what seems to be a condescending tone in several posts lately), but the lipstick comment is probably more indicative of the 70s mindset, rather than the Catholicism. Good friends of mine just did pre-Cana with our parish priest (who, full disclosure, is quite liberal for a Catholic priest after 28 years in campus ministry), and both thought it was quite useful. It covered topics like budgeting and finances (this was big, apparently), effective communication, etc. They did talk about potential children, family planning, etc - but it was in the context of the need to communicate with each other in terms of needs and wants in that area.
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
Lol^^. The catch phrase from our retreat was "life giving". As in "see how life giving I am?! You hot the last piece of cake"...."I didn't even tell your mother her roast smelled like road kill! Aren't I life giving?!". Still makes me laugh:
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
Husband is very catholic and wanted to get married in the church, so we did the required classes and counseling. I thought the counseling was good because they rated you in different areas and were able to pinpoint areas of potential conflict. The engagement encounter weekend was lame (IMHO). It was important to him, so I went. But I really was just going through the motions.
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