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Kelly Cutrone on the Need For Elite Sex Education

"A young girl . . . asked me, how do you give a really good hand job? A, I'm like, no, and B, I said, well, where are you getting your information now? Like, more motherly. Well, on the Internet, she said. And I thought, why do we send our daughters to Brearley, then send them to Israel and Paris to learn about culture, and we send them to Vivid [Entertainment] to learn about sex?"

— At Elle magazine's 25th anniversary bash at New York's MoMA, Kelly Cutrone talked about reaching out to young women for some high-end sex ed. No lady should learn about hand jobs on the Internet, after all!

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starbucks2 starbucks2 6 years
I do expect my daughter to become well educated and will do my best to provide her with information about sex. It's not a taboo for me and she can ask me anything. But I will not tell her how to perform a hand job! Gross!
stephley stephley 6 years
I read the rest of her quote and I think she's nuts. There are plenty of healthy, informational books on sex in the marketplace; there's lots of 'quality' erotica out there - go to a bookstore and start looking in the health and/or human sexuality sections. There are decent websites too, if you bother to look.
JessiShez JessiShez 6 years
I think she has a great point. It doesn't matter if you have the funds to send your daughters off to another country, we expect our children to read classics, eat good food and have manners. We're seriously lacking in teaching our children about sex. If we do that, we can make it more "elite" rather than something you do because you're bored or because you're being pressured to. The more we teach the more control we have. Teach our daughter and sons that sex is sensual, meaningful and an expression of love. Make having sex more "elite" than anything you can find on the internet. I think that's the point she's trying to make and I agree.
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