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Out of Africa: Kenya Hits Two Finish Lines

In Kenya today President Mwai Kibaki named rival Raila Odinga prime minister. The power-sharing deal became official after lengthy negotiations over the agreement they signed more than a month ago.

The two became locked in heated debate over the governing of Kenya following disputed elections between them last December. The official announcement of the agreement is a welcome finish line as deadly violence spurred by the election has left more than 1,000 people dead and around 300,000 displaced.

Another Kenyan crossed a triumphant finish line this morning at the London Marathon. Martin Lel won the London Marathon for the third time in four years, finishing in 2 hours, 5 minutes, 15 seconds.

Other Africans running in the marathon today included a group of Maasai warriors, hoping to raise money to build a well in their village, Eluai, in Tanzania. To see the distinctive athletes in action,


The warriors ran dressed in red toga-like wraps and sandals made from old car tires, carrying cowhide shields and sticks. They hope to raise awareness for the drought they're suffering, as well as $120,000 to solve their water woes.


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kia kia 9 years
Their website is not updated up to the minute so there is a backlog of donations to be tallied but it was up to about 26,500 pounds when I checked a little while ago. They are aiming for 60,000 pounds. I am curious to see what the tally will be in a few days.
lilprisci lilprisci 9 years
Any one know if they were able to raise the money they needed for the well? I hope they did.
Auntie-Coosa Auntie-Coosa 9 years
Well, Barack Hussein Obama Junior's Cousin, Raila Odinga, the Marxist-Communist, is Prime Minister of Kenya. Senator Barack Hussein Obama, Jr, has dual citizenship with Kenya and the USofA. I wonder if he sent in an absentee ballot. I wonder if Raila Odinga told Mwai Kibaki that when Barack Hussein Obama becomes President of the USofA, he'll send lots of money to Kenya? This should prove interesting for Kenya when ol' cousin Barry loses. The Masai only need $120,000 for a well? Where's Oprah? She could have half a dozen dug for them. Where's the Ford Foundation? Where's the Rockefeller Foundation? WHY does no one step up and help Africa? This is getting to be a regular occurrence. You'd think that some philanthropic organization would offer to help. Why do I hear birds chirping instead of check books being opened?
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