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The National Guard has taken its recruitment marketing to a new venue: movie theaters. Music videos featuring real National Guard members and celebrities like Kid Rock, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Three Doors Down, are playing in lieu of movie trailers. The tributes to the men and women serving in the National Guard paint an alluring picture of what that service entails. Oscar winning director James Mangold directed the campaign that will air in movie theaters throughout September and October.

In "Warrior," dramatic images of soldiers leaving for war, Middle Eastern children, and Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s National Guard-clad race car mix in while Kid Rock sings:

So don’t tell me who’s wrong or right when liberty starts slipping away
And if you ain’t gonna fight, get out of the way
‘Cause freedom ain’t so free when you breathe red, white, and blue
I’m giving all of myself, how about you?

Do you find the video to be propaganda, or an honorable effort to help Americans take pride in serving their country? If the government wants to play rock-star videos about joining up, should Americans also be able to see embargoed images of caskets coming back from war?

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