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Dear Sugar
2 days ago at school, someone decided to play a trick on me and they put a love note (signed by me) into my best guy friend's locker. When he approached me about it the next day I was mortified. The worst part is that he didn't believe I hadn't written it. He told everyone about the letter. I can't believe that he would turn on me like this. Now, no one believes that I didn't write it, not even my friends. By 3rd period today, I broke down and I sobbed my eyes out. He heard about my meltdown and came to talk to me at lunch. I thought he was coming to apologize for not believing me and show me some support but instead he said, "I'm not mad at you, so everything can go back to normal now." What nerve. I was so mad that I blew up at him right in the middle of the hall. Instead of him comforting me, he actually laughed at me. He thought that I had absolutely no reason to be mad at him. I am feeling sad, angry and embarrassed. I HATE him! But I still want him to know that I didn't write the note even though I know it shouldn't matter. How can I convince him it wasn't me and clear my name at school? Frustrated Farrah

Dear Frustrated Farrah
Try your hardest to rise above all of the teasing and laughter as best you can and keep your head high. The more emotion you show about it, the worse it looks. If you go about your business saying, "look, I didn't write it, but believe whatever you want to believe," then people will stop making it into a big deal when they see it's not affecting you. Every time it's brought up, quickly dismiss it. I know it doesn't seem like it, but this too shall pass. Your guy friend isn't much of a friend at all. I am sure you are disappointed in his reaction to all of this and feel very alone. Surround yourself with the people you know, love and trust the most. Do something you love after school (at least for the next week or so). This way when times get tough during the day, you'll have it to look forward to.

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