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After she received a kiss on the cheek from her girlfriend, a Texas woman says a mall security officer and a sheriff deputy began harassing her. Now, Jessica Garcia will argue to a court that the mall unfairly targeted her and her girlfriend when they arrested them on trespassing and other charges.

Garcia has recounted the situation like this:

He said, "This is a family mall, y'all can't do this.” We said, "Do what?" He said, "Y'all kissed, and if y'all do it again I'm going to write you a citation or I'm going to kick y'all out."

The officers eventually told them to leave, but when they reentered the mall to get to their car, the officers accused them of trespassing. After a confrontation, the couple was arrested.

This story reminds me of the one from last Summer. An usher at a Seattle Mariners baseball game asked a lesbian couple to stop kissing because it was making another fan uncomfortable. Despite the similarities, being asked to stop kissing, and being arrested for it, are very different things!

Do you think an anti-PDA (gay or straight) policy violates civil liberties, or should malls be able to enforce whatever code of conduct they want?


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