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How do I love this interspecies wrestling video? Let me count the ways. On the left side of the ring bed, we have Miss Kitty. On the right, Mr. Ferret. Whose wiley ways will win out? Gotta tune in to find out! (This vid gets bonus points for perfect background music...)

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sexyeyes sexyeyes 9 years
:rotfl: OMG sooooo cute!
licia licia 9 years
Best video ever! Haha :D My ferret and shitzu play fight like this all the time, it's too cute!
KiDoE KiDoE 9 years
poor ferret had to hide lol
missquiet missquiet 9 years
SO cute!! I wish this video were longer. :P
anaisethenry anaisethenry 9 years
I loved when the ferret went under the covers!! I vote for Kitty too though.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 9 years
The kitty totally one with that last move. He plowed that little guy right off the bed. TOO CUTE!
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
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