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Kotex Products For Tweens

Do 8-Year-Olds Need Maxi Pads? Kotex Thinks So

Kotex is continuing its quest for world menstruation domination: first it launched a series of witty and to-the-point tampon ads, then it announced a maxi pad design contest. Now it's launched a new line of "tween" products, targeted toward younger girls (obviously), which are smaller, thinner, and . . . sparklier.

Along with the sanitary bling, Kotex is also pushing a "Pick Your Day" message, encouraging moms to set a special date on the calendar to talk to their daughters about getting their period for the first time. According to a video on Kotex's site, one-third of girls get their first period before age 11, so the brand is suggesting that parents may need to tackle the issue sooner than they think.

Some of the suggestions are a little over the top — I think I would die if my mom scheduled a "spa day" with 10-year-old me to "talk about what it means to be a woman" — but the message overall actually seems extremely healthy. Rather than treat a girl's period as a secretive, embarrassing experience, Kotex is encouraging parents to educate their daughters, talk openly about it, and turn it into a special occasion worth celebrating.

What do you think? Is it about time we start educating girls earlier about an inevitable rite of passage, or is this just too much?

latashamjames latashamjames 6 years
I think this is awesome, I started my period when I was 8 and felt so lonely and confused. None of my friends understood yet!
0Payton0 0Payton0 6 years
Well, I was embarrassed the first time I got my period, I was eleven, && so I emailed my mom about it, && I tried to hide it as much as possible from sixth - seventh grade.... I talked to my friends more than my mom about it, but as eighth grade came, I was growing more and more open about it, because I realized it's natural, and if I have it, then I have it, it's nothing to be embarrassed of. (plus me and my friends, if we happened to be crabby because we had our periods, our guy friends would ask why were crabby, and we would tell them, && it's hilarious to see their faces when you mention the word period. because they think it's gross hahah) Now im in ninth grade, and I'm pretty open and honest about it with my mom, seriously that's our 'car conversation' when we have our periods. && it's nice to talk about it, because if something different occurs when i have my period I can tell her, and 100% of the times it's normal things, . although, if I were 8 years old, and in second grade, I think I'd be even more freaked than when I was in fifth and finally really talked about it, but ive known since i was like 3 what a period was
isahrangme isahrangme 6 years
i think it's a good idea! i started in the 5th grade, JUST before our first "sex ed" class (which was really only about periods for the girls, not actual sex). i had NO clue what was going on. i freaked out cuz all of a sudden, there was blood in my underwear and i thought i had a cut hahaha also, i was super embarrassed about it... no one knew i started except my mom. not even my little sister knew cuz i wanted to keep it a secret once, i slept over at a family friend's house, and i leaked! and so her mom found out and helped me, but even STILL i refused to tell anyone else! i don't know why i was embarrassed... it's natural and should not be something that's secret-secret! so i think kotex's approach, though yea, maybe embarrassing for the young girl, is a good start! and i agree, having a day dedicated to mom-daughter time, not just "what it is to be a woman" is better
katialoves katialoves 6 years
thanks for asking, yes its too much i get that its cool to let them know whats up in advance and some people get their periods earlier nowadays. but this campaign is just advertising there's not much value in it. what are the enlightenned girls going to do, where a pantyliner everyday for 4 years before their first period to avoid having it leak through their pants and embarrass them? avoid consensual sex for the reason of possible ovulation? (at 8-11 years old...?) also yeah, they probably already know about it. also if they dont know and it comes, are they going to be scared? so scared that something bad happens?
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 6 years
Well naturally they have to target younger girls because kids are indeed hitting puberty sooner and sooner. Thanks to hormones and obesity, mostly. I think my mom told me about it fairly soon, because I believe at some point I asked her what her tampons were for, when I saw them in the bathroom.
alliegirl2u alliegirl2u 6 years
I think this is a great idea, however, 8 is a little young. I started my period when I was 10 in the 4th grade and I had no idea what was happening. If kotex would have had there tween line I would have loved it! It should be exciting to be maturing and growing and not a secret! and plus creating a day for a mom to talk to her daughter is just another bonding moment and when a girl is growing up, having a close relationship to her mom is very important. Great idea Kotex!
vegesquire vegesquire 6 years
The 8 year old version of me probably would have run away from home if my mom took me to a spa to tell me about "being a woman!" I think most girls already know about this stuff by the time it happens. My mom never made a big deal about it, when I got mine she showed me where she kept her products, told me she would pick up some other options and put them in the closet, and we all went about our lives.
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