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21 Kristen Wiig Rules For Your Love Life

Aug 22 2014 - 5:06pm

Happy birthday, Kristen Wiig [1] — the SNL alum turns 41 today! Kristen never fails to bring us to tears laughing at her ridiculous impersonations on the sketch comedy show, her breakout movie role in Bridesmaids, and pretty much any character she plays on TV or film. As an ode to the funny lady, we're sharing the wisdom we've gleaned from some of Kristen's funniest moments, illustrated with GIFs, of course.

Source: NBC [2]

"Never marry a guy who's really into shoes."

Take it from Cinderella.

It's OK to not want to check out his goods.

I mean, they're kinda gross.

Flirting is all about body language.

And subtlety.

For certain guys, you put up with weird sex.

Like, for instance, Jon Hamm [3].

There are times when drinking from the bottle is perfectly acceptable.

These include but are not limited to: breakups, finding out your ex is getting married, a friend's ill-timed engagement announcement, weekdays.

Guys really like compliments.

Even if you're not very smooth with them.

On a date, put your best breath forward.

Also: play it cool.

Have a comeback when people ask why you're not married yet.


Be happy for your engaged friends when your love life sucks . . .

And inside you're wishing you could do this.

One of the best perks of a relationship is judging together.

Can you believe so and so?!

Sometimes you should just go for it.

Grab life by the balls, so to speak.

You have to be willing to say you're sorry.

The key to a healthy relationship.

Learn from your bad dating habits.

We all have our struggles.

Acceptance is the first step.

But if you're OK with it, work it, girl! No judgement here.

Strip clubs are gross.

Seriously, glitter all up in everything.

You're a grown-up, dammit, so go get some.

You should never be ashamed to have as many "adult sleepovers" as you want.

Work your assets.

Even you don't have a ton to work with . . .

Don't keep aggression bottled up.

Especially against your ex.

Sometimes friendships are better than romantic relationships.

No one loves you and laughs with you like your BFFs.

It's OK to hope your date pays at dinner.

But you still have to offer.

Be honest about who you are with a significant other.

Better they know you're crazy early on.

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