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The Ladies' Detective Agency Catches Cheating Men

All-Female Detective Agency Catches Cheating Men

Women win when men stray when the Ladies' Detective Agency is on the case. Rebecca Sutton, who's only 25, found her calling when she suspected her husband was cheating. She called private detectives, but they either made her feel silly or scared her away with unreasonable fees. One PI course later and a staff of beautiful woman, and she's running a real ladies' detective agency in Manchester, England.

I'd say this has all the makings of a mystery series, but it already echoes the 1989 bestselling novel The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency and the British television series with the same name. But in real life, catching a cheater is serious business.

Following a man, or paying someone to, is one thing, but Sutton offers another service called honey traps sans the espionage. This is for women who want to know if their husband would cheat when presented with the opportunity. Girlfriends and wives select the man's type (Sutton employs average, plus-size, and model-like women) to be sent to seduce men. Sounds like trouble to me, and it is for the 50 percent of men who fall for it.


Regardless of what women find out, Sutton says most choose to stay with their partners, because her service is really about uncovering the truth.

Would you hire her?

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