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Lady Gaga: I Don't Think Amy Needed to Learn Any Lessons

On The View today, Lady Gaga talked openly about the recent death of 27-year-old musician Amy Winehouse and some of the similar struggles she's gone through as an artist. Lady Gaga was unapologetic about her late friend's lifestyle, saying she wasn't the one who needed to learn a lesson, the world (and the media) needed to learn a lesson about kindness and the pressures of super-stardom. She also talked about her own history with hard drug use and how it was her father who helped her recover from it. Watch the video now and tell me, do you think celebrities need to take responsibility for their lifestyles, or are we to be held responsible for contributing to their problems?

wassy988 wassy988 6 years
I'm sorry Burkina but I must disagree. She did know her, and in fact Lady Gaga has cited Amy Winehouse as a true inspiration to her and is one the strong female vocalists that allowed her to become a star. She has said something to the affect of, Amy made funny looking girls like me prom stars. She isn't proud of what she has done, but merely honest, as she is with everything she does.
mixedpie mixedpie 6 years
I think the media is too harsh on celebrities. There are constant stories about who did what this weekend, and I wonder if many celebrities get any time away from the constant pressure to be a certain way OR ELSE. It's not just the accomplishments we care about anymore, it's their entire LIVES and that's a little disturbing and unnecessary. I think we really need to re-think how much it's acceptable to harass people for being famous.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
They didn't even know eachother. Lady Gaga is crazy. She does this with everyone. I agree with her that people are very unkind about addiction, but Amy DID need to learn lessons. Gaga always likes to throw around how much drugs she used to do.
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