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Dear Sugar
I'm very attracted to this guy that works just a few blocks away from where I work. He works at a taco stand and that's where I've been eating on my lunch break. The problem is that he only speaks Spanish and I only speak English. We've been teaching each other our respective languages so we can communicate better and I really like him. I know communication is imperative in a relationship, but I really want to be with this guy. What do you think? Should I date him or should we just be friends? Not Bilingual Becky

Dear Not Bilingual Becky
Go out with him until it's too big of a problem for you both. I'll bet that doesn't happen because the more time you spend together the more English he will learn, and the more Spanish you will learn. It will hopefully just get easier. But you are going to have to work at learning how to communicate. I think that you should each enroll in an entry level language class after work or on the weekends. It can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. You speak different languages you come from different cultures and have different customs etc...but all of these things can be worked out if you want them to.

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