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Larry Flint's Book About Presidential Sex Lives

Do You Want to Know About Presidential Sex Lives?

Judging by the sales of Vanity Fair covers featuring the Kennedy family, modern Americans still care about the private lives of at least one first family. Larry Flynt, infamous publisher of Hustler, is hoping we want the dirt on all the presidential families. In his new book, One Nation Under Sex (out April 26), Larry plays historian by looking at the sex lives of American presidents, first ladies, and first mistresses to see how it all changed the course of American history.

With the help of Columbia University professor David Eisenbach, he recounts how Benjamin Franklin allegedly seduced French women to save the American Revolution, the impact of James Buchanan's apparent gay love affair with a slave-owning senator, Eleanor Roosevelt's rumored lesbian affairs, along with the more modern sex scandals of Bill Clinton and JFK. Does it sounds like something you'd add to your reading list?

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