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Latino Civil Rights Group La Raza: In Malkin's Words & Theirs

Latino Civil Rights Group La Raza: In Malkin's Words & Theirs

The National Council of La Raza (which they translate as "the people," aka NCLR) is holding its annual conference in San Diego starting July 12. In the quest to connect with Hispanic voters, both Barack Obama and John McCain are speaking before the conference on July 13 and 14 respectively.

La Raza calls itself "the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States." The organization has been around since 1968, and given that the number of Hispanic citizens who voted in 2006 (about 5.6 million) rose 18 percent from the voter turnout in 2002, I reckoned it was worth a look.

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin has compiled a list of 15 things to know about La Raza (which she translates as "The Race." For comparison, the links I've included within her bullet points, are the NCLR viewpoint on the topics. To see them,


The list includes:

What do you think? Is Michelle Malkin's list too extreme? Honest, or just the opposite?


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underyourwaves underyourwaves 8 years
Michelle Malkin always makes me cringe. It's a wonder how she survived four years at Oberlin...
gitsie123 gitsie123 8 years
"sorry guys I just heart Malkin" EW
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
Quit talking about Bacon!!! I'm hungry! BaconBaconBaconBaconnocaBnocaBnocaBnocaB I'm seeing a reflecion in the type...
em1282 em1282 8 years
(Talking about Malkin of course with the 'calm down', not anyone here. Although y'all are welcome to get some cruellers, as long as you share them with me. I'm still craving bacon though).
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
Very well said Hypno. Thanks for noticing that I'm back Steph :)
em1282 em1282 8 years
Sorry, but if a person's going to champion a cause that takes down Rachael Ray and Dunkin friggin Donuts for wearing a scarf that looks too un-American, or whatever her phrasing was, then I will never take that person seriously regardless of what she is talking about. Have a chocolate crueller and some coffee and calm down. ;)
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
IMO the problem (Latin/Hispanic) immigrant rights activists have in general is their attitude of entitlement. With all due respect if you are illegal you are entitled to nothing. What the U.S. government provides to illegal immigrants comes from one of two things or both, need and compassion but not entitlement. Latin/Hispanic immigrant rights activists will serve their cause well by dropping the attitude of entitlement and working with the Federal government to create a realistic (not philanthropic) plan of action. For the past eight years there has been an immigrant worker friendly President in office and the opportunities to take steps forward have been squandered on both sides by years of reacting to reactions rather than focusing on points of real reform. As for the U.S. our decades of allowing corporations to suck at the tit of cheap illegal labor and look the other way with out serving up consequence has served to create the very embroiled atmosphere that we find ourselves in. Since this seems to be the age where it takes a panel to come up with any bipartisan resolutions one should be appointed to work diligently at creating effective legislation to deal with the hard truths of this matter. The fence did nothing more than deal with the image of the problem but does nothing to help the problem itself. We need to be smarter than this.
stephley stephley 8 years
Ahhh, Dave's back!
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
I would like to see "the race" have this annual conference in a location where they all speak the same language, like Mexico. And while they are there, they can just stay.
Bettyesque Bettyesque 8 years
and good points Hypno .. sorry guys I just heart Malkin.
Bettyesque Bettyesque 8 years
Why is this so bad? I mean she is explaining the agenda/cause of the group?!? What because she uses RACE to describe them? Tell ya what for those who dont want to go to her website ... here is the rest.. 15. “The Race” supports driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. 14.”The Race” demands in-state tuition discounts for illegal alien students that are not available to law-abiding US citizens and law-abiding legal immigrants. 13. “The Race” vehemently opposes cooperative immigration enforcement efforts between local, state, and federal authorities. 12. “The Race” opposes a secure fence on the southern border. 11. “The Race” joined the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in a failed lawsuit attempt to prevent the feds from entering immigration information into a key national crime database–and to prevent local police officers from accessing the data. 10. “The Race” opposed the state of Oklahoma’s tough immigration enforcement-first laws, which cut off welfare to illegal aliens, put teeth in employer sanctions, and strengthened local-federal cooperation and information-sharing. 9. “The Race” joined other open-borders, anti-assimilationists and sued to prevent Proposition 227, California’s bilingual education reform ballot initiative, from becoming law. 8. “The Race” bitterly protested common-sense voter ID provisions as an “absolute disgrace.” 7. “The Race” has consistently opposed post-9/11 national security measures at every turn. 6. Former “Race” president Raul Yzaguirre, Hillary Clinton’s Hispanic outreach advisor said this: “US English is to Hispanics as the Ku Klux Klan is to blacks.” He was referring to US English the nation’s oldest, largest citizens’ action group dedicated to preserving the unifying role of the English language in the United States. “The Race” also pioneered Orwellian open-borders Newspeak and advised the Mexican government on how to lobby for illegal alien amnesty while avoiding the terms “illegal” and “amnesty.” 5. “The Race” gives mainstream cover to a poisonous subset of ideological satellites, led by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, or Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan (MEChA), which the late GOP Rep. Charlie Norwood rightly characterized as “a radical racist group…[and] one of the most anti-American groups in the country, which has permeated U.S. campuses since the 1960s, and continues its push to carve a racist nation out of the American West.” 4. “The Race” is currently leading a smear campaign against staunch immigration enforcement leaders and has called for TV and cable news netowrks to keep immigration enforcement proponents off the airwaves–in addition to pushing for Fairness Doctrine policies to shut up their foes. The New York Times reported that current “Race” president Janet Murguia believes “hate speech” should “not be tolerated, even if such censorship were a violation of First Amendment rights.” 3. “The Race” sponsors militant ethnic nationalist charter schools subsidized by your public tax dollars (at least $8 million in federal education grants). The schools include “Aztlan Academy” in Tucson, AZ, the Mexicayotl Academy in Nogales, AZ, Academia Cesar Chavez Charter School in St. Paul, Minn., and Academia Semillas del Pueblo in Los Angeles, whose principal inveighed: “We don’t want to drink from a White water fountain, we have our own wells and our natural reservoirs and our way of collecting rain in our aqueducts. We don’t need a White water fountain…ultimately the White way, the American way, the neo liberal, capitalist way of life will eventually lead to our own destruction.” 2. “The Race” has perfected the art of the p.c. shakedown at taxpayer expense, pushing relentlessly to lower home loan standards for Hispanic borrowers, reaping millions in federal “mortgage counseling” grants, seeking special earmarks, and partnering with banks that do business with illegal aliens. 1. “The Race” thrives on ethnic supremacy–and the elite sheeple’s unwillingness to call it what it is. As historian Victor Davis Hanson observes: “[The] organization’s very nomenclature ‘The National Council of La Raza’ is hate speech to the core. Despite all the contortions of the group, Raza (as its Latin cognate suggests), reflects the meaning of ‘race”‘ in Spanish, not ‘the people’ — and that’s precisely why we don’t hear of something like ‘The National Council of the People’ which would not confer the buzz notion of ethnic, racial, and tribal chauvinism.” Michelle Malkin as always puts it exactly how it is.
gitsie123 gitsie123 8 years
has anyone noticed how silent Anne Coulter has been these days? Or have I just mentally blocked her image?
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I'm craving a big pile of fatty ham right about now.
Great-Sommelier Great-Sommelier 8 years
Great, now all I can think about is bacon. I swear, all I want to eat is meat. I had a dream about steak last night.
em1282 em1282 8 years
I'll throw in this quote: "Michelle Malkin makes news and waves with a unique combination of investigative journalism and incisive commentary. She's not afraid to expose hypocritical environmentalists, needle pork-loving politicians or criticize the MTV generation's morally deprived icons." Yeesh. I had to leave the website before my head started hurting. Although the term 'pork-loving' is making me crave bacon. Mmmmm. Bacon. ;)
gitsie123 gitsie123 8 years
Ooooh em, please explain. I really don't want to go to her website.
em1282 em1282 8 years
Nasty piece of work is right, stephley. I do kind of love how delusional her bio is, though.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
gabiushka gabiushka 8 years
It is spelled 'chalupa', hipnoticmix.
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
The only thing I agree with La Raza on from the list above is their opposition to a boarder fence. I and I think most Americans realize that's its just going to be a waste of money and ineffective. I'm all for a photo I.D. requirement to vote. This debate has been going on for a couple of decades now. If the people who couldn't vote way back then because they did not have a photo I.D. and they still don't have a photo I.D. then there's a reason for that and they probably shouldn't be voting in the first place. As for the newbie’s don't blame the government. Look to your predecessors who didn't warn you to get your $#!+ together and get a photo I.D. When it comes to home land security restrictions most are well with in reason. I will agree though that our immigration policy sucks the big challupa!
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Yeah, it was pretty bad, MartiniLush. Same dude followed it up by praising some Arizona legislation that he described as attempting to pretty much outlaw any kind of ethnic studies courses, like Hispanic studies or literature or etc., in that state's schools (including universities), on the grounds that studying other cultures through their history and literature is un-American. So that shows you where he's coming from on the immigration issue. :OY:
MartiniLush MartiniLush 8 years
It never fails: just when I think she can't get any worse, Michelle Malkin goes and proves me wrong! Whoa, Jude "the Klan with a tan" YIKES! I am cringing along with you!
stephley stephley 8 years
Yeah, Malkin's a pretty nasty piece of work.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
Michelle Malkin is anyway one of the most dimwitted and hateful of the partisan pundits--I'm not surprised at any distortion or oversimplification she makes. On the radio the other day, I heard a talk-show host (I think it was Roger Hedgecock) call La Raza "the Klan with a tan." That made me cringe as well.
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