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Sex is supposed to be fun and exciting. Not only does it allow an emotional release, it's also a way to relieve stress and share love with another person. The way you express yourself sexually and the way you react to the sensations that arise during intimacy is a very personal thing. It's normal to smile, moan, or scream "yes, yes, yes," but what about laughing? To find out


Not everyone is serious in the sack, and giggling is completely normal — laughing is just as common as any other emotional reaction. It may be a sign of nervousness, a reaction to being tickled, or a response to something funny happening (like the condom flying across the room when the guy tries to put it on).

But just because laughing during sex happens sometimes, that doesn't mean everyone is OK with it. So if your partner's laughter makes you feel uncomfortable, insecure, or self-conscious, talk to them about it ASAP. As always, open communication is the key to good sex, and if you're close enough to get naked, you should be close enough to talk about what happens when you do.


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