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Senator Dianne Feinstein is reaching out to websites such as eBay and Craigslist looking for a promise that they will not sell tickets to the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration online. Apparently outraged that tickets could go for as much as $40,000 a piece, Feinstein argues that:

[T]hese tickets are given for free to people. This is a major civic event of the time, and no one pays for their tickets, and we believe no one should be required to pay for their tickets.

In addition to appealing to websites, the senator is writing a bill to make sure that tickets are only distributed for free through congressional offices. She also cites security concerns as the motivation behind the law.

While I can understand that lawmakers would be sad to see citizens paying ridiculous sums for otherwise free tickets, I can't help but think this law is just a way for them to control who attends. If it wasn't against the law, how much would you pay for a ticket to Barack Obama's inauguration?


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